Saturday, May 7, 2011

God Is So Good

Well, this past week has been one to remember. On Tuesday, May 3rd Justin had a brain tumor removed at Vanderbilt University as most of you know. The surgery lasted only 12 hours. At 7:30 am the doctors told me to kiss and hug him bye and they took him off to the OR. Words cannot describe the emotions that I felt as I made my way back to the waiting room. For the past 3 months I have dreaded that moment. The LORD has taught us both so much through this experience. However, throughout that day I saw the power of prayer like I never had. I have been guilty of saying, "I will pray for you," and then not praying. Tuesday I knew that people all over were praying for Justin and our family. The LORD taught me that those words are not to be spoken lightly. All day I saw doctors come out and speak to families...some good news and some bad news. When I saw Dr. Wanna walking towards me at 7:30 pm, he was grinning from ear to ear. Wow, I felt a huge weight being lifted from me. The surgery went better than they expected...they were able to remove all of the tumor with no side effects. At 8:00 the head neuro surgeon, Dr. Thompson came out and before he spoke he gave me a big hug. After telling me that Justin's surgery gave him a few extra gray hairs, he said that everything would be fine. Although I knew everything was fine, I knew the recovery could be long and hard. The morning after his surgery he sat up, ate breakfast, and went for a short walk. Wow, 12 hour brain surgery and the next day a light stroll. GOD has been so good to us and has allowed the surgery and recovery to go very smoothly. Below are a few pictures that I took with my phone. We have been more than blessed with the friends HE has placed in our lives. Vandy is 4 hours from Tupelo and 5 hours from Columbus. That didnt stop people from coming and loving on our family.

Katherine and PapPaw finding ways to pass the time.

The waiting room...waiting.

My brother had dinner delivered all the way from San Diego...not really but it was very sweet of him to organize a meal to be sent to the hospital.

Allen, Laura,Hayley, and Amy came and took me to lunch. I have the best friends.

Rusty and Adam came for a visit. Very sweet of them to drive up there.

Finally get our go home papers and are waiting on the wheel chair. Thank you all for praying and coming to the hospital. Thank you for sending food and loving our family through this time. We love you and know that GOD will bless you for your acts of kindness.

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